At Benihana, I worked closely with the Vice President of Marketing and the Director of Marketing in the planning, development and implementation of all of the organization’s marketing strategies, marketing communications, and public relations activities, as well as oversaw the development and implementation of marketing and promotions support materials, both internal and external.

Below are a few samples of my favorite projects and initiatives. Please click on the image to get the story behind the project.

The Chef’s Table

The Chef's Table
The Chef’s Table Loyalty Program

The Chef’s Table is the Benihana Customer Loyalty and Rewards Club, implemented as a part of the Benihana Renewal Program. I designed the logo and all branding and design aspects of the program, including print, in-store and online promotion and The Chef’s Table newsletter. Click here to read more.


The Benihana Kids’ Menu

I was thrilled to have an opportunity to redesign the Benihana Kids’ Menu in 2009. Kids are not just the most enthusiastic Benihana fans, but they’re also a major motivator in driving customer visits and loyalty. With the brand being so focussed on the experience, I thought we needed to add to their experience as well. Click here to read more.


Be The Chef

Benihana has always been about having an experience that nobody else can offer. We decided to offer guests an even more memorable experience by letting them don the red chef’s hat and take a crack at being a Benihana chef. Click here to read more.

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