I’ve had the good fortune to work with many talented people in the Advertising and Marketing world, specifically while working with Benihana. There I got to manage the look, feel and voice of an iconic brand.

I conceived, developed and executed all the advertising and promotional concepts for the Benihana and Samurai brands, and worked on the Doraku, Haru and RA Sushi brands as well.

As the Designer for Benihana, I was responsible for:
• The design, production and distribution of all promotional materials and in-store touchpoints, menus, signage and promotional POS collateral.
• Developing concept branding, designed all print, outdoor, direct mail, and internet advertising.
• Designing the logos and branding for the Benihana, Samurai and Doraku loyalty clubs and Gift Cards, and promotional programs including Be The Chef, Sushi 101, Sushi+Sake 101, Kabuki Kids and others.
• Developing design and production standards, including copy writing and key messaging, to be incorporated in advertising, collateral and communications.
• Designing a Brand Standard Guide to ensure the proper execution of all brand marks.
• Developing engaging and effective marketing and communications materials for multiple touch points: POS, print, outdoor, video, digital, social, mobile, email, etc.

Click here to view some samples of my design projects.

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